A robust spiritual education program has been a hallmark of the Center for Spiritual Living Tahoe-Truckee since its founding.  Our, practitioners and teachers provide a diverse assortment of classes, workshops and book study groups to meet the needs of our community members.  You can always find something of interest here!

Some recent classes  included: The Foundations of Science of Mind, Spiritual Principles and Practices, A Course of Love, A Course in Miracles, Forgiveness: The Art of Letting Go, and more.


Foundations of the Science of Mind: This is an updated of the Foundational Course. It presents a new spiritual principle each week and a spiritual practice to support that principle. It features the writing of our elders as well as our contemporaries on the subject at hand.

Beyond Limits: This course takes the foundational principles and offers them in a format for beginning students and those unfamiliar with Science of Mind. Topics include Oneness, Spiritual Mind Treatment, the reciprocal universe, the Creative Process, hidden beliefs, and other essential principles. It offers new wording and ideas for presenting our basic ideas in new ways.

Spiritual Principles and Practices: Discover proven practices that bring spiritual principle into action allowing you to manifest a desired goal or intention. Through this course, which offers spiritual practices and their methods that you can begin using NOW, you will begin to see results and changes in your life.

Change Your Thinking Change Your Life: In this course you will learn how to apply SOM principles, practices and methods to enhance your life in three areas: relationships, prosperity and health.



The Essential Ernest Holmes: This course is a tribute to Dr. Ernest Holmes and all the wisdom he brought to the world. The course is based upon What We Believe? Each week the students have the opportunity to examine each of the ideas contained in it and uncover ways to make the power of this teaching come alive in their lives.

Exploring Roots: This course provides the student with an understanding of the historical roots of Ernest Holmes’ philosophy. Specific emphasis is given to the works of Thomas Troward, Emma Curtis Hopkins, and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

From Whence We Came: This is a history of the ideas which converged in American culture to become what we now know as Religious Science and the larger New Thought movement. These ideas originally arose before recorded history but were rediscovered in the 19th century by notable people whose works are read and discussed in this course.



NEW! Mental Equivalents: This is a course based on the teachings of Science of Mind. For every formed thing in the Universe there is a corresponding mental image. Discover how to measure and expand thinking to create a larger mental image so that one’s greatest desires may demonstrate.

NEW! Revealing Wholeness: Essential application of Science of Mind Principles and Practices to the interrelationship between Spirit, Mind and Body, revealing wholeness through the integration of science and spirituality.

NEW! Healing and Manifesting Change through Spiritual Mind Treatment: This course combines the principles of Science of Mind and practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment to offer an opportunity for students to engage in Intentional Manifestation, and allow one to heal, overcome challenges, and change the conditions of one’s own life and in the lives of others.

Journey of the Soul (Formally Magic of the Soul): This course offers the principles of Science of Mind with an emphasis on daily meditation, emotional healing, practical application, self-love, soul presence, and life direction. Combing the integrative principles and techniques from spiritual psychology with the power of Science of Mind offers a dynamic training opportunity.

Building a Healing Consciousness: This course uses The Science of Mind to deepen the student’s basic understanding of this teaching.

Creative Process in the Individual: This class is based on the book of the same name which explains the nature of creative action, beginning with the formation of the universe and ending with a vista of infinite possibilities attainable by the individual. Troward argues from basic principles we all understand and shows how these principles may be carried into the future.

Self-Mastery: The Emergence of the True Self: This course focuses on healing the perceived separation between personality and Spirit. Through an exploration of the creative nature of thoughts and feelings, beliefs and emotions, the students have an opportunity to gain mastery in the art of living as conscious, intentional beings.

Meditation is More Than You Think: This is an introductory meditation course that starts with the beginner and moves step by step through the powerful tool of meditation in many different modalities. Topics include meditation with light, mantras, sound, movement, breathing, and more. Each week is experiential with various forms of meditation that the student can practice at home.

Power of Your Word: This is a course on the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment. Each week is a thoughtful approach to the deeper understanding of prayer. Each week has experiential exercises for the student.

The Edinburgh Lectures: Judge Thomas Troward delivered these lectures which have served as the touchstone for metaphysical thinking to this day. Troward’s mind is logical, brilliant, and precise. Based on the lecture series, this class is excellent for the serious student of New Thought.

Ignite Your Life with Bible Wisdom: During this course, students are introduced to ways to interpret stories from the Hebrew Bible, as a foundation for understanding the teachings of Jesus. Students become familiar with the power of parable stories as inspiration for transforming the soul. Students bring the ancient parables to life and relate them to the challenges of today’s world.

Practical Mysticism: This course is an exploration of mysticism and provides the framework for the student to live a more mystical life in present time. Emphasis is given to the practice of meditation and the practice of witnessing consciousness.

Treatment and Meditation: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living: This course focuses on the student developing lifetime habits of meditation and Spiritual Mind Treatment. Spiritual Mind Treatment for oneself is reviewed and strengthened, and then students advance to treating for other people.



Prosperity Plus I & II are dynamic, video-based programs that teach new ways of living centered on the spiritual practices of an abundant life! In these programs, Mary Morrissey teaches you how to think in a way that allows you to move from fear and scarcity to a life full of possibility, prosperity and promise.

Power of Decision: This class is designed to empower students to reach independent decisions, which enhance the quality of their lives. Based on the metaphysical classic, this course is valuable for both the new and experienced student.

Principles of Successful Living: This course expands the student’s life-enrichment process, building on the understanding and practice of spiritual principles. Students will have the opportunity to allow these processes to integrate in the creation of a personal vision for a better world through a special project presented in the final class session.

This Thing Called You: This class was created to deepen the students’ understanding that they are an individualized expression of God. Topics include co-creation, the power of belief, your inner authority, and how to increase your faith. This is excellent for new students and as a refresher for more experienced students.

Treat Yourself to Life: This is a class based on the book by the same title by Raymond Charles Barker. Positive, practical tools are given to change unwanted patterns and bring greater good into the basic areas of living: Health, Prosperity, Relationships, and Creative Expression.

Visioning: This course is a walk through the powerful tool of Visioning. It includes the history of how visioning began in our movement, offers weekly opportunities for visioning at different levels from the individual to the community to the global and explains the role of visioning in our Global Heart Model.

5 Gifts for an Abundant Life: This course is designed to empower the participants by teaching them how to BE a Consciousness of Abundance in finances, health, relationships and career. This course is presented as an opening to a rich, rewarding transformative experience focusing on the gifts of gratitude, setting intentions, forgiveness, tithing and surrender.