Practices to Apply Science of Mind Principles

If you are seeking inspiration for your spiritual journey to true awakening, our community offers you easy-to-use tools to nurture your inner self/soul, so that you can live an inspired, healthy and happy life. Awaken your authentic self with prayer, affirmations and meditation.



Meditation is a time-honored practice that allows one to access a state of mind in which one experiences the wellbeing of one’s spiritual nature.  Techniques of meditation take various forms, including the more active forms of creative visualization to the more traditional mind stilling techniques advocated by Eastern teachings.  Any and all of these techniques can be useful to the individual who is seeking a deeper “inner experience.”

In its most simple and, perhaps, most profound sense, meditation is simply turning within, contemplating the nature of what lies within, God.  When practiced in this manner it is an easy process that requires no special training, but it demands consistent, persistent attention.



The term affirmation is normally associated with a verbal statement that is made about an aspect of consciousness we intend to embody, or some experience we desire to have.  Affirmations assist us in replacing “old” thoughts of lack, disease, disharmony, with “new” thoughts of sufficiency, health, harmony, wholeness, and whatever quality of Spirit we desire to be expressed.  However, the act of affirmation is really much more than that.  It is an act of faith.  It is the ability to put aside doubt and fear and act as if your desired goal is already a reality.  In this sense, an affirmation can be any statement, act or symbolic gesture that affirms the reality of your intentions.  Throughout the process of affirmation we “act as if” our goal is already achieved. THIS TOOL IS MOST EFFECTIVE WHEN USED IN THE CONTEXT OF PRAYER/TREATMENT.



Spiritual Mind Treatment, also known as Affirmative Prayer, is a form of prayer taught as a spiritual tool in Science of Mind.  It involves a specific method designed to consciously use the Creative Process.  The whole purpose of Spiritual Mind Treatment is to bring your thoughts into alignment with the idea of a union with Universal Spirit in order to create in form what you desire in your heart.



Education is an important part of Science of Mind.  In order to receive the maximum benefit from any system of thought, the student must become responsible for learning the principles and the application of those principles.  The Center for Spiritual Living Tahoe-Truckee responds to this need by providing structured and accredited classes to take the student from an introductory stage and, if desired, all the way through to the status of Practitioner and Minister.  The Center also offers a variety of workshops, seminars and special events to supplement accredited classes.