Reverend Pam Cosby Brandman

Senior Minister

Rev. Pam Cosby Brandman’s vision for her ministry is inspiring, loving and empowering our spiritual community.  Her intention is to co-create a thriving multigenerational and multicultural spiritual community that is a place for joyful spiritual awakening and transformation as well as a safe place for listening, healing, understanding and acceptance.  Our Center celebrates beauty and overflowing love in music, creativity and nature and builds bridges with our community to serve many generations to come.

When Rev. Pam joined the Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) Tahoe-Truckee as Senior Minister in August 2019, the Center was conducting services and classes at their Carnelian Bay location in North Lake Tahoe.  In March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic began, Rev. Pam led the Center’s almost overnight transition to holding all services and classes online on zoom.   Supported by the Center’s Board and Practitioners, Rev. Pam facilitated a year-long congregational Good to Great visioning process to discern Spirit’s intention for our Center.  The final adopted vision, “Embracing all and serving with love while awakening to the One,” is guiding our path forward.

Rev. Pam prepared for ministry by graduating from the School of Spiritual Leadership and completing a second Master’s degree in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute.  She had already served as a licensed Religious Science Practitioner for several decades beginning at what is now the Reno CSL and then to Centers in Ventura and Mission Viejo, California.

Supporting the Centers for Spiritual Living organization has always been important to Rev. Pam as she attended the Asilomar retreats for many years, volunteered with the World Ministry of Prayer in the early 1990’s and again for a few years beginning in 2013.  In 2014 Pam became the CSL Region 1 Practitioner Representative and served until her ministerial studies required her fulltime focus.

Before becoming a minister, Pam had a successful career as a civil engineer, environmental planner and manager.  After graduating from Stanford University in Civil Engineering and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design in Planning and Public Policy, she practiced in Colorado, Utah, Massachusetts, Nevada and California.

During her years as a Practitioner, Pam used the Science of Mind principles to navigate many life challenges, including creating a healthy relationship when she thought her first marriage might end, building a successful engineering and planning career, moving her family from financial challenges to prosperity, and learning that love is all there is as she cared for her first husband who died of cancer when their children were young.  Pam needed all the support Spirit could provide as she raised her challenging children as a single mother.  She also was blessed with sharing sacred time with her father and her mother, a Practitioner Emeritus, before their passing.

This all prepared her to meet her husband Michael Brandman, a licensed Spiritual Practitioner, who was a widower.  Together they have continued to guide their combined eight children, now all adults and all different.  Rev. Pam and Michael Brandman, who will soon become a Practitioner, are both excited to be in ministry and back in the Tahoe-Truckee area.  Spirit has been supporting them in many joyous, wondrous and synchronous ways.