Sunday Celebration

Sunday Service

Come join us on Sunday morning as we gather in spiritual community!

Map & Directions

Sunday services take place in our new location at 215 Carnelian Bay Avenue, Carnelian Bay.

Service Recordings

Date Talk Titlesort descending Speaker
Oct 25, 2015
"Out of Your Mind" 11/25/15, Melissa Phillipe/Z Egloff
Dec 8, 2013
A Christmas Carol Liz Luoma
Jun 23, 2013
A Joyful Body Liz Luoma
Jun 9, 2013
A Joyful Mind Liz Luoma
Jun 30, 2013
A Joyful Spirit Liz Luoma
Feb 24, 2013
A Return to Love Liz Luoma
Aug 11, 2013
A Still Small Voice Liz Luoma
Jun 26, 2016
Above and Beyond Rev Liz Luoma
Sep 9, 2018
Another Dimension Donna Hartley
Dec 2, 2012
Are You Ready Liz Luoma
Jul 19, 2015
Are you Ready to Prosper Liz Luoma
Jun 12, 2016
As Within So Without Rev. Liz Luoma