Foundations of Science of Mind

Are you ready to build an empowered life aligned with universal principles? Are you turning within to Spirit, tuning into Truth, diving deeper into Love but want more? Are you prepared to manifest a meaningful, fulfilling, prosperous, joyful life? This course provides all you need to know for your spiritual journey to progress, as you:
◾Align with Universal Principles and activate awareness of the Divine Presence within
◾Apply positive, practical, spiritual tools, including meditation and mindfulness, affirmations, neuroscience, and self-awareness in your daily life
◾Discover a profound spiritual technology called Spiritual Mind Treatment
◾Go within…deeper than you have before…and experience Truth
◾Uncover and discard hidden beliefs, set yourself free
◾Enter a safe, sacred container for true transformation
◾Explore the basic teachings of Science of Mind (SOM).

This class is a prerequisite to all other SOM classes. The 16 weeks will be broken into 4 – four week blocks with a week break in between. This class will be taught by Brenda Heldoorn on Thursday mornings from 10 – 1 pm. So grab your books and join us in going back to basics.